Stand Alone Complex

The current anonymous-vs-scientology stuff has been reminding me of an idea from Ghost in the Shell: A “stand alone complex” which can result in people spontaneously engaging in copycat-like behaviour, but without an original. The director said he was trying “to underscore the dilemmas and concerns that people would face if they relied too heavily on the new communications infrastructure”. In the story, the complex manifests in many people claiming to be a famous hacker known as the “laughing man”, who hides his identity using a digital mask which looks like this:

Meanwhile, in reality, lots of people called “anonymous” have been protesting Scientology, wearing masks:

I’m not the first to notice a similarity, of course:

On a side note, if you like the idea of the laughing man, you may like this website, which automatically applies laughing man masks to detected faces in images:

4 Responses to “Stand Alone Complex”

  1. The Maijj Says:

    Ive been looking for a place to reveal myself here looks good enough my work is every where but no one knows me you should rise up orginisations are there to give about stealth slavery we are all controlled for example the government created currency so we would work for it and this is the same with everything through our whole lives find a way to rebel then do it and tell them the Maijj sent you

  2. The Maijj Says:

    reveal my info to as many as possible only then can they be free

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